Show your support for the Community Benefits Agreement

Today the Community Building Standard ( is launching a public campaign to raise awareness about the importance of the new provincial Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

Why is a CBA good for British Columbians?
More job and training opportunities for women, youth, and Indigenous communities

  • New investments in apprenticeships
  • An overall target increase of 25% in apprenticeships
  • Priority hiring for qualified workers who live within 100 km of projects
  • An increase in skilled workers
  • Higher graduate rates amongst youth
  • Projects built the right way with the environment and safety put first
  • An open bidding process that ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate

How can you help out?

Thank you for standing up for hard-working British Columbians and the communities they represent. We are building our future the right way because of B.C.’s commitment to the Community Benefits Agreement.

Please help us spread the word!