Delivering on Our Commitment to a Community Building Standard for Canada

Our founding partners have spent decades focusing on building it right – for all shapes and sizes of projects across Canada. We decided it was time to bring Canadians into the discussion and we asked communities across Canada if they agreed about the core principles should be for a Community Building Standard for Canada.

What we heard and what we’re committed to is based on the three core principles below.

A Commitment to Safety and Quality

The new Community Building Standard means ensuring that all infrastructure projects are built the right way. Projects need to be built to the highest environmental standards so that future generations feel a sense of pride knowing that they are protected from any risk. Our workers are the only people who have the expertise and training to meet this standard. We do not want to put our natural environment at risk by employing unqualified, poorly trained workers to build critical infrastructure for our future generations.

Investing in Trades and Apprenticeships

The new Community Building Standard ensures that infrastructure projects put the public first and serve the needs of our communities with jobs and local benefits. This means public construction projects that use certified tradespeople, pay fair wages, train apprentices, hire locally and bring indigenous people, youth and women into the construction workforce.

When local hiring and apprentice training is a priority, communities are stronger. Stable, family-supporting jobs and a diverse population of skilled workers trained in safe and environmentally responsible construction practices are always the best solutions to meet the needs of industry and communities.

Leaving a Positive Community Legacy

The new Community Building Standard delivers ongoing benefits to each community where we live and work. Communities are stronger when they are able to participate directly in the economy and contribute to the well-being of their local suppliers and services. We will work with community service groups, teams, associations and individuals to ensure our work delivers a legacy that makes a long-term difference to each community where we have a presence.

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