Community Benefits Agreements ensure public infrastructure projects get built the right way with local skilled trades. This means opportunities for local, Indigenous people, women, youth and apprentices to work in their own communities. Building these projects is more than the steel and concrete of the building, it is also about building lifelong careers and a skilled workforce across our province for everyone, equally.

Our communities are challenged in many ways – we are coming out of a pandemic, facing climate change on a daily basis and having to rethink the way our communities are built. Community Benefit Agreements build quality skilled labour and apply innovative, climate resilient building standards.

Advantages of a Community Benefits Agreement

Safety and Skilled Workforce

  • Projects are built the right way with the safety and quality put first.
  • Increase in skilled workers for local communities.
  • A reliable supply of skilled labour. No strikes, no lock outs.
  • Building with the latest innovations and technology.
  • Infrastructure that is resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Economic Recovery

  • Build back BC’s economy.
  • Priority hiring for qualified workers who live within 100 km of projects.


  • More jobs and training opportunities for women, youth and Indigenous communities.
  • Provide workers valuable benefits such as health, dental and retirement savings.
  • Open bidding process that ensures everyone has an opportunity to participate.

Training and Apprenticeships

  • New investments in apprenticeships.
  • Overall target increase of 25% in apprenticeships.

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Printable CBA

Printable CBA

Printable CBA